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Dr. Bill Purvis

Monthly Coaching for Pastor’s and Church Leaders

Bill Purvis is a living example of transformation. He grew up in a dysfunctional home and as a teenager was stabbed three times with a butcher’s knife and left for dead. That horrific night was the turning point in his life. He gave his life to Christ and has never looked back. As a result, he is incredibly passionate about spiritual and personal growth. His goal through Bill Purvis Leadership is to help you unleash your true potential.

You can turn to anyone for personal growth coaching. But what is available to those who want a Christian perspective? What about a resource that can specifically help pastors, church staff and church volunteers to navigate through the challenges they face in ministry? That is exactly what Bill Purvis Leadership strives to do!

This monthly faith-based personal development coaching program will help you to become the best version of yourself by implementing Biblical principles for growth. Don’t wait, sign up today and get full access to the playbook including lessons learned throughout the over thirty-five year ministry of Bill Purvis.

Monthly Subscriptions: $9.99

  • FREE entry or online access to our LIVE monthly recordings of The Pastor’s Playbook by BPL, including a Q&A session relevant to that months topic
  • Listen to or watch current and previous lessons by simply logging in to your account and selecting the audio or streaming feature
  • Discussion forums
  • Updated video clips on many past lessons
  • All content available on our website or mobile App

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BP Leadership is located in Columbus, GA about two hours south of Atlanta and right next to Fort Benning Army Base.
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